Important News for All New Brunswick Businesses!

Did you know that the First Aid Regulations of the New Brunswick Occupational Health and Safety Act have changed as of January 1, 2005?

KCM Technical Solutions and the Canadian Red Cross are here to help you meet these new requirements in your workplace.

What does the new legislation mean to your business?

•  Effective January 1, 2005, all New Brunswick businesses will need to meet the new standards in First Aid training, as outlined in Schedule B of the new legislation.

•  Employers must ensure that employees due for recertification or first time certification be trained to the new standard.

•  Employers must ensure that employees, fulfilling First Aid requirements, have a minimum of 6 hours practice annually in First Aid skills.

•  Employers must have the appropriate number of First Aid kits for their number of employees as outlined in Schedule A of the new legislation.

•  Workplace First Aid kits will only be available in two formats and their contents are outlined in Schedule C of the new legislation.

•  New legislation link:

How can KCM and the Red Cross help?

•  The Red Cross now offers a new Workplace First Aid program, with three-year certification.

•  Our Red Cross certified instructors will work with your business to meet the annual requirement of 6 hours of practical skills

•  KCM has soft case and hard case First Aid Kits that meet the new content requirements. You can even arrange for us to restock your kits on a monthly, bi-monthly or semi-annual basis.

•  KCM will automatically notify your company when employee re-certification is required.

•  Red Cross has a National database, and will assist you in tracking your employees' certifications, anywhere in Canada .

KCM Technical Solutions provides both public and private courses. Private courses can be arranged at our training facility or on-site at your location. Private courses can be arranged according to your work schedule to provide easier facilitation for employees working shift work.

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